Best Carving Knife Guide for Kitchen Use and More

We’ve  put together the best carving knife guide to show you why the tools you use to slice through meat or poultry are just as important as the cut of meat or how it is prepared.

The features of a razor-sharp carving knife, the shape and weight of the handle, the blade material and edge type all play a role in achieving the perfect slice.

(See the keys for good balance, blade type and fit in our article HERE.)

Whether a carving knife is used for Sunday dinners, holiday meals or special gatherings with family and friends — having the right piece of cutlery for carving in your kitchen collection is essential.

We’ll provide insight into the features for some of the top consumer-rated carving knives plus provide some useful tips that make carving an art easily accomplished.

About the Best Carving Knife Brands Featured

The knives featured here are top-rated, as the best, by actual users. While type of material, blade length and cost will factor into a lot of purchases, some consumers are brand loyal or want to know more about the manufacturer producing the knife or knives they are considering.

Below is basic brand information, including Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings where available for the carving knives in this Guide.


What’s included in this Carving Knife Guide?

We’ve included 9 columns which will show you what the knife looks like as well as what the features of the knife are like its blade length, handle material, manufacturer’s warranty, consumer rating and cost. The cost legend for this Guide is as follows:


  • $ = $20 or less
  • $$ = $21 to $50
  • $$$ = $51 to $75
  • $$$$ = $76 or more

Best Carving Knife Guide

Victorinox Carving KnifeVictorinox Slicing KnifeGranton edge, rounded tip12-inch steel stamped bladeFibrox - patented mineral fiberHand washing recommendedLifetime against defects only5.0$$$
JA Henckels 8-inch Carving KnifeJ.A. Henckels International Classic Carving Knife
hand honed edge, pointed end8-inch forged carbon steelNarrow triple-riveted woodHand washing recommendedLifetime against defects only - Made in Spain4.8$$
Zyliss Stainless Steel Carving KnifeZyliss Stainless Steel Carving Knife
machined honed straight edge7.5-inch stainless steelResin with rubberized gripYES5-year Warranty, Swiss made4.3$
Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition Carving KnifeChicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition Carver KnifeThin taper grind edge8-inch high carbon stainless steelTriple riveted solid walnutHand wash onlyLifetime against defects only4.8$
wusthof classic carving knifeWusthof Classic Carving Knife
Thin narrow, straight edged9-inch forged carbon steelDurable polymerHand wash onlyLifetime against defects only - Made in Germany5.0$$$$
Zwilling J.A. Henckels Granton Edge SlicerZwilling J.A. Henckels Granton Edge SlicerGranton edge, rounded10-inch high carbon stainless steelTriple riveted polypropyleneHand wash onlyLimited Lifetime - Made in Germany4.9$$$$
Shun Classic 8-inch Carving KnifeShun Classic 8-Inch Carving Knife
Straight tapered, pointed tip8-inch forged high carbon stainlessHardwood veneers with resinYESLifetime warranty - Made in Japan4.8$$$$
JA Henckels Twin Signature Carving KnifeJA Henckels Twin Signature Carving Knifelaser-controlled edge, point tip8-inch high carbon stainlessPolymer riveted handleYESLifetime warranty - Made in Germany4.9$$
Calphalon Katana Slicer KnifeCalphalon Katana Slicer KnifeDamascus-style blade7-inch high carbon stainless steelPoly-resin handleHand wash onlyLifetime warranty - Made in Japan5.0$$$
Pure Komachi 2 Series Slicing KnifePure Komachi 2 Series Slicing Knife
Resin-coated stamped9-inch high carbon stainlessResin-coated polymerHand wash recommendedLimited Lifetime - Made in Japan4.6$

What’s the Difference between Carving and Slicing Knives?

Best Carving KnifeDepending the manufacturer and brand, the terms carving and slicing for knives are generally interchangeable. When compared to a Chef’s Knife, carving and slicing cutlery have thinner, longer blades for producing thin more uniform slices of meat and poultry.

These sharp knives are used in a “sawing” motion for clean cuts — and because they are thinner than Chef’s knives, are not suited to chopping.

They can be anywhere from 7-inches in length to 15-inches and can have either a rounded tip or a pointed tip. Rounded end knives work well on beef top round roasts, boneless hams, meatloaf, boneless turkey breasts, pork roasts and other cuts of meat or poultry where the knife will not need to navigate bones. A pointed end performs better for cutting around bones or joints.

Slicing knives can have serrated or straight edges and usually contain rounded or blunted tips to improve meat separation.

For best results when choosing a carving or slicing knife is to be certain the knife’s blade is long enough to cut through a large roast in a single stroke without tearing any meat fibers as is often the case with a serrated edged knife.

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