Guide to the Best Electric Egg Cooker Poacher

If you are looking for the best automatic, rapid egg cooker our ‘eggcellent’ Guide below will help you select one.

Plus, we’ve included reviews of the top 4 electric cooker and poacher combos for eggs with all the facts and features of each.

Whether your cooked egg preference is soft-boiled, hard-boiled or poached you want predictable results each and every time.

With the right egg cooker, you can load it and leave it without having to wait for pan water to boil — and, there is no need to watch the clock.

With an electric egg cooker, you can have your eggs, the way you want them in a fraction of the time it takes make them on the stove.

How an Egg Cooker Works

Simply, all electric egg cookers use heated water and steam to soft-boil, hard-boil or poach your eggs — each determines the cooking time centered on the amount of water placed into the cooking base.

Soft Medium Hard Boiled EggsEach egg is pierced with a pin (included with most cookers) before placing it in a rack, to prevent it from breaking while heating.

When the water has completely evaporated, through the heating process, it will trigger an audible alert that tells you your eggs are cooked to your preference.

Stopping the cooking process for hard-cooked eggs — the same as boiling your eggs on the stovetop — is essential to prevent the membrane between the egg yolk and egg white from turning a yucky green.

The green discoloration is due to a reaction between iron in the egg yolk, and hydrogen sulfide in the egg white producing ferrous sulfide where the two meet. This is an indication that the egg has been overcooked.

To stop the cooking process, run your hard-boiled eggs under cool water or place them in an ice bath.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Water fill lines for all egg cookers are to be used as a guideline ONLY. The age of your eggs, atmosphere, altitude and the number of eggs you are cooking WILL impact the cooking time as much as plus or minus a minute or two. 

What to Look for in an Electric Cooker

There are a number of considerations in choosing the right cooker, besides the cost, and the significance of each will be based on the user.

  • How many eggs would you most frequently cook at the same time? Electric cookers come in a variety of sizes and usually handle from 6 to 10 eggs in one cycle.
  • Do you want the ability to make individual omelets in your cooker as well as poached, soft and hard-boiled eggs? Not all electric cookers have this option.
  • How important is it that trays and accessories are BPA-free? Some lower priced brands will not be BPA-free.
  • As a fairly economical small appliance, how important is manufacturer’s warranty? You will find models with guarantees that range from 90-days to 3 years.
  • Do most components need to be dishwasher safe or is handing washing only in warm soapy water a deal killer?
  • Do you want your egg cooker to have an auto-off feature in and an audible alert and do you need a keep warm function?

How to Get the Best Cooked Egg Results

Electric Hard Boiled Egg CookerOne of the main reasons you consider this small appliance for cooking eggs is to save the time it takes to boil water.

This simple little machine gets you some extra time in the kitchen making coffee, pouring juice or crisping bacon without have to worry about your eggs.

You get the added bonus of knowing they will come out just the way you like them, by following these few suggestions:

  • Use cool eggs straight from the refrigerator and do not wait for them to come to room temperature. Because the cooking cycle is based largely on water evaporation, room temperature eggs will have a tendency to overcook. (This does not apply at high altitudes — see section with chicken below.)
  • If you remove your eggs from the store bought carton and play them in a refrigerator egg tray, be certain that the large end of the egg is up and the smaller pointed end down. This keeps the yolk centered in the egg when cooking.
  • Always pierce the top of the egg (large end) and place this end up in the egg cooker to help keep the egg from breaking during the cooking process. Eggs with thinner shells may break regardless of piercing (read on to find out why).
  • Brush a little butter, oil or use a light cooking spray to coat the inside of the poaching and omelet trays to ensure the eggs release easily when done.
  • To get a longer useful life out of your cooker, use distilled water over regular tap water as mineral deposits can corrode the heating plate components over time.
  • Periodically using white vinegar to clean the unit base will help to minimize hard water scaling that can discolor eggs if left to build up.

General cooking guideline for up to 7 eggs at one time is about 6 minutes for soft-boiled, 9 minutes for medium-boiled and 12 minutes for hard-boiled. 

Top 4 Picks for Best Electric Egg Cooker

In no particular order, here are our top 4 choices for the best value in electric egg cooking appliances.

Itemized below are the features of each together with care and manufacturer’s warranty information so you’re equipped with all the knowledge you need to make a buying decision.

Elite Cuisine EGC-007 MaxiMatic Egg Cooker

Elite Cuisine MaxiMatic Egg CookerAt under $20.00 on Amazon (as of this writing) the Elite Cuisine EGC-007 is a value model that gets the job done.

Measuring about 8-inches in diameter at its widest point and about 8-inches tall, this little unit does not take up a lot of counter space.

In fact, weighing less than a pound, it stores easily in on a cabinet shelf or in a pantry. Here are the features that make this worth considering:

  • Cooks from 1 to 7 eggs at a time.
  • Has a separate tray for poaching up to 2 eggs per cycle.
  • Has an auto-off feature.
  • Includes a separate tray that can be used for omelets, bread pudding, egg custard or french toast
  • Includes a water measuring cup and egg piercing pin
  • Operates on standard household current
  • Comes with a 1-Year Guarantee

You also need to know that:

  • This unit and the accessories are NOT dishwasher safe — hand washing in warm soapy water is recommended.
  • Egg tray is not suited to jumbo size eggs — works better with small to large size.
  • No audible alert when eggs are done — only on-off light will shut off.
  • Made in China.
  • Manufacturer’s website and EGC-007 Instruction Manual do not list components as being BPA-free.


Elite Platinum Maxi-Matic Egg Cooker

Elite Platinum EGC-207 Maxi-Matic Egg CookerAs a best seller on Amazon, the EGC207 electric egg cooker model from Elite Platinum is pretty popular.

The Elite product brand is manufactured by MAXI-MATIC. Maxi-Matic USA, is a subsidiary of Pick Five Imports, a global consumer products company that designs, manufactures, and markets, nationally and internationally.

Measuring at about 8-inches in diameter at its widest point and about 8-inches tall, this egg cooking unit weighs in at 2 pounds. With a “keep warm” function and convenient handles on the egg tray, there are a few features that make this a popular choice:

  • Cooks from 1 to 7 eggs at a time.
  • Has a separate undivided tray for poaching eggs and making omelets.
  • Comes with an audible alert when eggs are done and has “keep warm” option.
  • Convenient “stay cool” handle on egg tray for easy rinsing
  •  A water measuring cup with egg piercing pin is included
  • It also has an “Auto Off” feature and cooking timer
  • Operates on standard household current
  • Comes with a 2-Year Guarantee

With the good comes the not so good…

  • This unit and the accessories are NOT dishwasher safe and should be hand washed in warm soapy water.
  • Appliance should cool for 30 minutes between uses.
  • No 220V on US models and made in China.
  • Manual does not list plastic components as being BPA-free.


VonShef Stainless Dome 7-Egg Cooker

VonShef Egg CookerWith a stainless steel domed lid and front control switch, this little cooker will complement the counter of any kitchen. It also has a metal dish rather than plastic for the water that will cook the eggs.

The VonShef brand is owned by Designer Habitat, Ltd. in the U.K. and their products are made in China.

Measuring about 8-inches in diameter at its widest point this little unit takes little counter space.

Fairly basic in its design, it does not have some of the features like stay cool handles and sides on the egg tray that are seen in other models.

Here are the features worth noting:

  • Cooks from 1 to 7 eggs at a time.
  • Has a separate single undivided tray for poaching eggs or for omelets.
  • Has an auto-off feature – light goes out when eggs are done.
  • Attractive stainless steel lid and water pan.
  • Includes a water measuring cup and egg piercing pin
  • Operates on standard household current
  • Comes with a 1-Year Guarantee

Here are some facts associated with the VonShef Egg Cooker:

  • Hand wash in warm soapy water recommended not dishwasher safe.
  • Consumers have noted instructions are poor and do not provide cooking times for poached eggs.
  • Egg wells are not suited to jumbo size eggs — works better with small to large size.
  • No audible alert when eggs are done — only on-off light will shut off.
  • Made in China.
  • Product information and Manufacturer’s website do not list components as being BPA-free.


Cuisinart CEC-10 Egg Central Egg Cooker

Electric Cuisinart Egg CookerOut of the 4 egg cooking appliances reviewed, the Cuisinart CEC-10 is the only one that actually looks like an egg! Intended or not, this is the costlier option with features that go with the price tag.

Measuring about 6.5-inches in diameter at its widest point and about 8-inches tall, this little unit will cook up to 10 eggs at a time unlike the other models that have a maximum capacity of 7 eggs.

The brushed stainless accents will complement any kitchen and this unit utilizes a 600-watt heater for better cooking with a higher quantity of eggs. (The other unit heaters are 400 watts or lower.)

Here are the notable features:

  • Cooks from 1 to 10 eggs at a time and includes 2 cooking racks — one lower tray that holds up to 7 eggs and the other up to 3 eggs.
  • The included poaching tray is divided into 4 separate sections so 4 eggs can be poached at the same time.
  • The separate omelet tray can easily yield a 3 egg omelet.
  • The base contains a stainless steel heating element for easy cleanup.
  • Includes a water measuring cup and egg piercing pin — also includes 2 egg holders for serving soft-boiled eggs in the shell.
  • Operates on standard household current and has an ON-OFF switch with an audible alert that eggs are done.
  • All materials that come in contact with food are BPA-Free.
  • Components are TOP RACK dishwasher safe.
  • Comes with a 3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Some not so notable features…

  • The audible alert will sound continuously that eggs are done until unit is manually off. There is no auto-shutoff.
  • If unit is left in the on position after a cooking cycle — the cooker will begin again once the unit has cooled from the first cycle. The slide ON-OFF switch needs to be manually placed in the OFF position so the unit does not keep cycling.
  • Distilled water is recommended over tap water to prevent hard water scaling.
  • Made in China.


Don’t Blame the Cooker, Blame the Egg

One final point to stress about any electric egg cooker — sometimes the eggs will crack and leak but this is NOT necessarily the cooker.

There are three (3) main reasons the egg will crack:

  • The first being the shell was stressed during the piercing process. If this happens boiled egg cookerfrequently — when using the piercing tool on the bottom of the water cup — then try using a map tack, straight pin or needle (clean, of course) to pierce your eggs. Consumers also have had success in cooking the eggs without piercing at all.
  • The second reason is the chicken. Chickens lay eggs with thinner shells, typically during warmer months because they eat less when it’s hot. As the weather cools and their appetites improve, they lay eggs with thicker shells.
  • At higher altitudes, cold eggs are more prone to cracking. Let refrigerated eggs warm slightly at room temperature for about 10 minutes before loading them into the cooker.

The Good News about Eggs

With 72 calories, one large egg has a rich nutritional profile and provides a wide range of essential vitamins (B-2, B-5 and B-12), minerals and nutrients.

One of eggs best nutritional advantages is their protein content, roughly 6.3 total grams in one egg — about 3.6 percent coming from the white and 2.7 grams from the yolk. This protein is responsible for the amino acids that support your brain function and maintain your body tissues.

Eggs also boost your intake of another important brain function vitamin, choline. Each large egg contains about 147 milligrams of chloine or a recommended daily intake of 27 percent for men and 35 percent for women.

Keep eating those eggs any way you like them!